The LUX Prize kicks off its screenings in the European Parliament

The 12th edition of the LUX Prize has officially landed on the premises of the European Parliament. Once again this year, the nominees for the coveted award will be screened to MEPs in order to get their votes and determine the winning film, which will be announced on 14 November.

The three finalist films, Woman at War by Benedikt Erlingsson, The Other Side of Everything by Mila Turajlic and Styx by Wolfgang Fischer, will be available for MEPs to watch from Monday 15 October.

The internal competition will thus open officially with the screening of the films in the Yehudi Menuhin space at the European Parliament from 15-19 October, and then from 5-9 November, twice per day.

Petra Kammerevert, Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education at the European Parliament, introduced the competition to her committee colleagues. She said, “As the years pass by,  I see many filmmakers and cinema professionals joining forces to support the LUX Prize. The audience still needs to grow, and you all know that we are working hard in order to find the right way to enhance public awareness of the prize.”

Kammerevert encouraged her colleagues to play a more relevant role in the LUX Prize, stating: “Our committee should be on the front line when it comes to talking about the films and convincing our colleagues to watch them and vote.” She continued, “I promise you that this year’s three films are all worth watching, not just because of the topics that have been mentioned before, but also because of the diversity of genres they cover.”

MEPs are invited to cast their votes until 13 November. The ceremony will follow on 14 November, the day after, in the Plenary Chamber of Strasbourg where the Award will be given by the President of European Parliament Antonio Tajani.  .

The screenings  inside the European Parliament will, as usual, serve as an appetiser for the LUX Film Days, a series of screenings of the selected films all across Europe. More than 200 screenings are expected, including the movies’ presence at more than 20 festivals and other venues. Stay tuned to find out about the calendar of screenings, to be published very soon!