The Silence of Others  (El silencio de los otros)

The Silence of Others  (El silencio de los otros)

Screenplay: Almudena Carracedo & Robert Bahar

Cinematography: Almudena Carracedo

Producers: Marcos Almudena Carracedo & Robert Bahar

Music: Leo Heiblum & Jacobo Lieberman

Production: Semilla Verde Productions, Lucernam Films, American Documentary

Sales Agent: Cinephil  


The Silence of Others reveals the urgent and ongoing struggle of victims of Spain’s 40-year dictatorship under General Franco, who continue to seek justice to this day. Filmed over six years, the film follows victims and survivors as they organize the groundbreaking “Argentine Lawsuit” and fight a state-imposed amnesia of crimes against humanity, in a country still divided four decades into democracy. 

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