Urok (The Lesson)

Urok (The Lesson)
Urok (The Lesson)

Screenplay: Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov

Cast: Margita Gosheva, Ivan Burnev, Ivanka Bratoeva, Ivan Savov, Deya Todorova, Stefan Denolyubov

Cinematography by: Krum Rodriguez

Film editing: Petar Valchanov

Producer: Magdelena Ilieva

Production: Abraxas Film, Graal S.A.

Distribution: ZED

Sales agent: Wide Management


In a small Bulgarian town, Nadezhda, a young teacher, is looking for the robber in her class so she can teach them a lesson about right and wrong. But when she gets in debt to loan sharks, can she find the right way out her self? What makes a decent human being become a criminal?

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