Medalia de Onoare (Medal Of Honor)

Medalia de Onoare (Medal Of Honor)

Screenplay: Tudor Voican

Cinematography: Liviu Marghidan

Editing: Catalin Cristutiu

Costumes: Alexandra Ungureanu

Cast: Doru Ana, Mircea Andreescu, Radu Beligan (Ion J Ion), Eugenia Bosânceanu, Mimi Branescu (Cornel), Constantin Draganescu, Florina Fernandes (Cornel's wife), Radu Gabriel, Ion Iliescu (Himself), Ion Lucian, Catalina Murgea, Anca Pandrea, Victor Rebengiuc (Ion), Gabriel Spahiu, Adrian Vancica

Producer: Liviu Marghidan, Karl Baumgartner

Production: Scharf Advertising, Pandora Filmproduktion

World sales: HiFilm, Pandora Film


Ion is seventy-five years old. His relationship with his wife Nina is compromised by her silence and indifference. His son Cornel still bears him a grudge because years ago he had denounced him to the police to prevent him from fleeing Communist Romania. One day, Ion receives a medal of honor from the Ministry of Defense for his heroic deeds during the Second World War. It seems to give his life a new meaning and convinces him that he can win back his family’s esteem.

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