Eastern plays (Iztochni piesi)

Eastern plays (Iztochni piesi)

Screenplay: Kamen Kalev

Cinematography: Julian Atanassov

Editing: Kamen Kalev, Stefan Piryov, Johannes Pinter

Music: Jean-Paul Wall

Sound: Momchil Bojkov

Art direction: Martin Slavov


Cast: Christo Christov (Itso aka Christo), Ovanes Torosian (Georgi), Saadet Aksoy (Isil (as Saadet Isil Aksoy), Nikolina Iancheva (Niki), Ivan Nalbantov (Itso and Georgi's Father), Krasimira Demirova (Itso and Georgi's Stepmother), Hatice Aslan (Isil's Mother), Kerem Atabeyoglu (Isil's Father), Alexander Radanov (Drega (as Alexander 'The Indian' Radanov), Angela Nedialkova (Angela), Kaloyan Lenkov (Bodyguard), Velislav Pavlov (Koyno), Ivan Penchev (Old Man), Dr. Ivan Vitkov (Psychotherapist), Yosif Shamli (Mayer)

Producer: Kamen Kalev, Stefan Piryov, Fredric Zander

Production: Waterfront FilmFilm i VästChimney Pot

Distribution: Epicentre FilmsCoopérative Nouveau Cinéma - CNCAmstelfilm

Co-production: Anguel Christanov, Thomas Eskilsson

World sales: Memento Films International


Two brothers who have lost all contact are suddenly brought together when they have opposite roles in a racist beating: while Georgi who’s recently joined a neonazi group participates in the violence, Itso witnesses and rescues the Turkish family. Georgi, now being asked to participate in larger events, starts to question his implication in the movement and Itso wonders if the beautiful Turkish girl he saved could be his ticket out from his sad life in Sofia. Only by reuniting will the two brothers be able to assess what they really want from life.

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