Wolke 9 (Cloud Nine)

Wolke 9 (Cloud Nine)

Screenplay: Andreas Dresen, Laila Stieler, Cooky Ziesche

Cinematography: Michael Hammon

Editing: Joerg Hauschild, Dagmar Mielke, Andreas Schreitmüller, Rosemarie Wintgen

Sound: Peter Schmidt, Ralf Krause

Art direction: Susanne Hopf

Costumes: Sabine Greunig

Cast: Ursula Werner (Inge), Horst Rehberg (Werner), Horst Westphal (Karl), Steffi Kühnert (Petra)

Producer: Peter Rommel, Joerg Hauschild

Production: Peter Rommel ProduktionRundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

Distribution: Senator Filmverleih (DE)Aerofilms (CZ)ASC Distribution (FR)CNC (BE)Baditri (ES)Soda Pictures (UK)Videa-Cde (IT)

World sales: The Match Factory


She wasn’t looking for it. It just happened. Surreptitious glances, a feeling of attraction. She hadn’t planned things this way. Inge is over 60. She has been married for 30 years to a husband she loves. But she finds herself attracted to Karl, an older man, already 76. Love at first sight. Physical love. And all of a sudden she feels like a girl again...

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