Il resto de la notte

Il resto de la notte

Screenplay: Francesco Munzi

Cinematography: Vladan Radovic

Editing: Massimo Fiocchi

Music: Giuliano Taviani

Sound: Stefano Campus

Art direction: Luca Servino

Costumes: Valentina Taviani

Cast: Sandra Ceccarelli (Silvana Boarin), Aurélien Recoing (Giovanni Boarin), Stefano Cassetti (Marco Rancalli), Laura Vasiliu (Marja), Victor Cosma (Victor), Constantin Lupescu (Jonuz), Veronica Besa (Anna Boarin), Valentina Cervi (Francesca), Ditta Teresa Acerbis (Eusebia (as Teresa Acerbis), Susy Laude (Mara), Bruno Festo (Luca), Corrado Invernizzi (Carrozziere (as Corrado Vernisi), Giovanni Morina (Davide), Maurizio Tabani (Vincenzo), Simonetta Benozzo (Operatrice SERT)

Producer: Donatella Botti, Luca Servino

Production: Bianca FilmRai Cinema

Distribution: 01 Distribution


Silvana, the depressed wife of a provincial industrialist, takes it into her head that Marie, their young Romanian maid, is stealing valuable objects from the villa. With no proof and against her husband’s wishes, Silvana decides to dismiss Marie without notice. After wandering desperately from place to place, Maria finds shelter with her former boyfriend, Ionut. The young man has just been released from prison and now shares a hovel with his teenage younger brother Igor. The long-extinguished passion between Marie and Ionut flares up again.

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