Exile Family Movie

Exile Family Movie

Screenplay: Arash

Cinematography: Arash, Arash T. Riahi

Editing: Arash, Dieter Pichler, Arash T. Riahi

Music: Karuan

Sound: Walter W. Cikan, Arash T. Riahi, Bernhard Schmid

Cast: Hamid, Parvin, Arash T. Riahi

Producer: Géza Horvát, Arash

Production: Golden Girls Filmproduktion

Distribution: Film Laden

World sales: First Hand Films - Esther van Messel


A family’s story, typically crazy and exceptional at the same time. A film about home and exile, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and all the other relatives, close and distant, in an extended Persian family. Some of them emigrated to Europe or America, though the majority has stayed in Iran. Regardless of all the danger involved, they secretly meet after 20 years at a place which won’t raise suspicion among the Iranian authorities: Mecca. They come from America, Sweden, Austria and Iran to laugh, argue, cook and celebrate. This is accompanied by an excessive amount of hugging and kissing, and also a clash between Muslim and Western cultures.

Film focus: