California Dreamin' (Nesfarsit) (California Dreamin' (Endless))

California Dreamin' (Nesfarsit) (California Dreamin' (Endless))

Screenplay: Cristian Nemescu, Catherine Linstrum, Tudor Voican

Cinematography: Liviu Marghidan

Editing: Catalin F. Cristutiu

Sound: Critian Sirli, Cristian Tarnovetchi, Andrei Toncu

Art direction: Ioana Corciova, Andreea Popa

Costumes: Ana Ioneci

Cast: Armand Assante (Captain Doug Jones - the American military officer in command), Jamie Elman (Sergeant David McLaren - the second in command, attracted to Monica), Razvan Vasilescu (Doiaru - the station master), Maria Dinulescu (Monica - the station master's daughter), Alexandru Margineanu (Andrei - a villager in love with Monica (as Alex Margineanu), Ion Sapdaru (The Mayor), Alexandru Dragoi (Rodriguez), Andi Vasluianu (Soldier Marian (as Andrei Vasluianu), Sabina Branduse (Despina), Gabriel Spahiu (The trade union chief, Andrei's father), Radu Gabriel (Stelica), Constantin Dita (Paul - the mayor's son), Eduard Dumitru (Mitroi), Alexandru Georgescu (Corporal Tanase), Cristi Olesher (Young Doiaru)

Producer: Andrei Boncea, Iuliana Tarnovetchi, Mihai Toderiuc, Calin Furtunescu

Production: MediaPro Pictures, Temple Film

Distribution: MediaPro Distribution (DE), Filmmuseum Distributie (NL), Bodega Films (FR), imdb cineuropa


During the war in Kosovo in 1999, a NATO train transporting military equipment without official documents is stopped in a small Romanian village by the chief of the railway station, who happens to be the local gangster as well. Their arrival changes the place into the village of all opportunities.

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