Timeline and voting process

Timeline of the Award

September 2020
LUX Selection Panel meeting to discuss and select the three films to be nominated for the 2021 LUX Audience Award.

December 2020
12/12: Announcement of the three nominated films at the European Film Awards Ceremony.

December 2020 - May 2021
13/12/20 - 23/5/21: Promotion of the nominated films during the watch&vote period: screenings across Europe, via the LUX Film Days (March-May) and the LUX Audience Week (May). Voting opens for the public during this period.

May 2021
23/5/21: Voting closes

June 2021
9/6/21: LUX Audience Award ceremony  - announcement of the winner at the European Parliament.

Voting process

This year the audience can cast their votes for all three nominated films from 13 December 2020 until 23 May 2021. Audiences will be able to rate each film via this website. Members of the European Parliament will also vote via a dedicated voting page of the institution. Ratings can be changed an unlimited number of times until the voting closes. The last vote counts.

The final ranking will be determined by combining the public vote and the vote by the Members of the European Parliament, with each group weighing 50%. The winning film will be announced at the LUX Audience Award Ceremony on 9 June 2021 at the European Parliament.