Terms and conditions of the LUX Audience Award competition

By entering the LUX Audience Award competition, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


The European Parliament is organising a competition for the participants who rate the LUX Audience Awards to offer to ten of them a visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the opportunity to attend the LUX Award Ceremony on the 14th June 2023. The winners will receive a guided tour around the European Parliament building in Strasbourg and the opportunity to attend the ceremony and other activities organised for them, meet the Directors of the nominated films and MEPs, as well as to explore the cultural richness of the city of Strasbourg. There are additional prizes: twenty sets of film posters of the nominated films and one hundred of LUX Audience Award tote bags with goodies from the European Parliament.


  1. The competition is open to everyone who rated the LUX Audience Award, who is at least 18 years of age and is a citizen of or resident in a Member State of the European Union at the time of the award decision. The selected winners of the LUX award ceremony will be required to provide a departure address within the European Union (excluding outermost regions and overseas territories) for the trip to Strasbourg.
  2. Any participant in the competition who does not fulfil the above conditions cannot be awarded a prize.


  1. The competition (‘Watch, rate and win’ period) starts on 11 December 2022 and concludes on 12 June 2023 at midnight CET.
  2. Participants need to have rated at least one of the five films nominated for the 2023 LUX Audience Awards.
  3. Any participant not complying with the above requirements will not be taken into account in the selection process.


There will be one prize draw and one hundred and thirty winners. The first ten winners will receive as a prize the opportunity to attend the LUX Award Ceremony in Strasbourg and other related activities. The following twenty winners will each receive a set of film posters of the nominated films and one hundred winners will receive the LUX Audience Award tote bags with promotional material from the European Parliament.

  1. For the winners who are selected to attend the LUX Award Ceremony in Strasbourg, the prize includes:
    1. two overnight stays from 13-15 June 2023;
    2. a return flight or train tickets (depending on the address given by the winners) in order to reach Strasbourg from the city of the address provided at the time of the award decision and to travel back to the city of the address provided at the time of the award decision;
    3. a visit to the European Parliament premises in Strasbourg and the opportunity to attend the Award ceremony of 14 June 2023 and other related activities;
    4. recommendations for a cultural visit to the city of Strasbourg.
  2. By accepting the prize, the winners selected to attend the LUX Award Ceremony in Strasbourg agree to:
    1. participate and cooperate as required in all editorial activities related to the publicity for the competition. In particular, they agree to be photographed and filmed by the European Parliament. To this end, winners will be required to sign a release form for the use of their image rights without a right to remuneration.
    2. when entering the European Parliament premises in Strasbourg, comply with all security and public health rules and measures.
  3. Prizes cannot be transferred to any another person or redeemed for cash. Each travel pass will be issued in the name of the winner and cannot be transferred to another person under any circumstances. The name on the travel pass cannot be changed.


  1. The hundred and thirty winners will be selected from the total pool of eligible entries. The selection will be carried out by means of drawing lots, using a digital tool, on 23 May 2023.
  2. Every participant who has entered the competition during the validity period has rated at least one film and has registered all of the details required on the website in order to vote will be eligible.
  3. The preliminary winners will be notified via email on 24th May 2023 and it will be sent to the email address given when rating. Participants need to confirm their participation by 31 May 2023.
  4. When confirming their participation in the trip to Strasbourg, the winners have to give the following information for the purposes of organising their travel and hotel bookings:
    a. passport number;
    b. birth date;
    c. nationality and country of residence;
    d. city of departure for organising the round trip.
  5. Any preliminary winner who does not fulfil the conditions set out in point 2.1 will not be awarded a prize and their place will be reassigned by means of drawing lots.


  1. The European Parliament reserves the right to modify or cancel the competition or any of the arrangements, schedules, plans or other items directly or indirectly related to the contest, without prior notice to participants and at any time and for any reason if deemed necessary.
  2. Other than in cases of wilful misconduct or serious negligence on its part, the European Parliament may not be held liable for the damage the winner incurs in the event that the competition is delayed, cancelled, or interrupted either in part or in its entirety.
  3. The European Parliament will under no circumstances, irrespective of the cause thereof, be liable for any loss, damage or personal injury to the winner, to property or to anything else caused or suffered in connection with this contest or any prize(s) awarded in connection herewith.
  4. The participants bear the sole liability in the event of claims related to their activities carried out in the framework of the contest, for example concerning the infringement of third parties’ rights.
  5. Winners agree to indemnify and to hold the European Parliament, its personnel and agents, exempt from any third party claims for loss, damage, prejudice, liability or expense suffered as a result of, or in any manner in connection with, the winner’s acts or omissions.
  6. If, for unforeseen reasons, the prize cannot be offered in the format set out in these terms and conditions, another prize of similar value will be offered by the organiser. Winner(s) will be given the option to accept or decline the alternative prize.


For any information, please contact the organisers using the following email address: luxaward@ep.europa.eu . It is mandatory to include the following words in the subject line: ‘LUX Audience Award Competition’.


In the event that the trip is cancelled due to unforeseeable exceptional situations or events beyond the winner’s control and not attributable to error or negligence on their part, a new trip may be awarded at the sole discretion of the European Parliament. The European Parliament will assess each individual situation on a case-by-case basis.


  1. If a winner does not accept the prize, for any reasons, before the European Parliament has booked the means of transport and the accommodation, their place will be reassigned by means of drawing lots. Winners are invited to confirm their acceptance of the prize within one week of being notified, in accordance with point 5.3.
  2. If a winner cancels the trip after the European Parliament has booked the means of transport and the accommodation, their prize will be withdrawn. The booking of the means of transport and of the accommodation is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


  1. Personal data submitted when voting are treated in accordance with the privacy statement on the LUX Audience Award website.
  2. The personal data provided via email for the travel and hotel bookings in accordance with point 5.4 will be erased in September 2023.


The legal relations between the entrants and the European Parliament will be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the law of the European Union, complemented, where necessary, by the substantive laws of Belgium. In the event of any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the subject matter hereof that cannot be settled amicably, it will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the General Court of Justice of the European Union insofar as any such dispute, controversy or claim relates to or involves the liabilities of the European Parliament.