Selection process

Selection process

The LUX Selection Panel is panel drawn from the European film industry, which nominates the films for the LUX Audience Award from the vast pool of films submitted for the European Film Awards. Each member of the selection panel has the possibility to propose two films to be considered for nomination. Spontaneous submissions are not accepted.

The objective of the Selection Panel is to identify five (this year: three) European films that will run for the LUX – the European Audience Film Award (short: LUX Audience Award). The role of the members of the Selection Panel is to watch, discuss and vote on the shortlisted films submitted for the European Film Awards.

Given the consequences of the pandemic and restrictive measures, this year again the members of the Selection Panel selected three films during the LUX Selection Panel meeting, in October 2021.

The three films were unveiled at the European Film Awards Ceremony on 11 December 2021.

Eligibility criteria for the 2022 edition

Films to be considered for the LUX Audience Award needed to meet the following criteria:


  • To have been awarded or received higher attention at a major festival.
  • To have been sold to or to have been theatrically released in at least five EU countries (sold in at least three EU countries in the case of films from Cannes and Karlovy Vary).
  • To have had its first official public screening at a festival (including online) or a cinema or online release between 1 September 2020 and 1 September 2021.


  • Films shall illustrate the diversity of topics at the core of European debate and shall be accessible by a wide, diverse and large European audience.
  • Films must cover a variety of themes, promoting and encouraging public debate on European daily life and on Europe’s future. Diversity of tone, topics and variety of genre are encouraged.
  • Diversity and inclusion should be well portrayed through the film topics and characters.

Production's geographical origin:

Films need to be produced or co-produced in countries eligible for the CREATIVE EUROPE-MEDIA programme (European Union countries and Iceland, Albania, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro).

Main production country:

In order to keep the richest geographical variety that a shortlist of three films allows, shortlisting two films from the same country of origin will not be accepted.


Fiction, animation or documentary.

Running time:

A minimum of 60 minutes running time. Films exceeding 120 minutes should be avoided as much as possible.