Why is European cinema so special to you?

European stars and politicians champion the LUX Audience Award by sharing their love for European cinema

The LUX Audience Award by the European Parliament and the European Film Academy is taking another step forward in its promotion of European cinema, embracing the multifaceted nature of the new prize. The LUX Film Days are currently under way, with screenings of the three nominated titles (Another Round by Thomas Vinterberg, Collective by Alexander Nanau and Corpus Christi by Jan Komasa) happening across Europe at different events and in various formats. After announcing the extension of the Watch & Vote period, during which audiences can cast their votes for their favourite films up until 23 May, the LUX Audience Award is now presenting a series of clips featuring a diverse group of European artists, politicians and film lovers, who come together to share their love for European cinema and encourage people to participate in the voting process to “become part of Europe’s biggest film jury”.

Among the different personalities who are taking part in this initiative, we find Portuguese-Guinean actor Welket Bungué, star of the Berlin competition title Berlin Alexanderplatz, his co-star, German actress Annabelle Mandeng, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård and Poland’s Joanna Kulig, who turned heads with her performance in Pawel Pawlikowski’s Cold War. These talents are joined by various members of the European institutions, such as President of the European Parliament David Maria Sassoli (Italy), Chair of the Culture Committee Sabine Verheyen (Germany) and EU Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton (France). Apart from the European stars and politicians, the videos also highlight the importance of engaging with the younger generations by featuring various members of the 27 Times Cinema project, young film lovers who attended the Venice International Film Festival as part of the project powered by Lux Award, Europa Cinemas and Giornate degli Autori: Bo Alfaro Decreton (Belgium), Mia Sherry (Ireland), Rowan Stol (Netherlands) and Alžběta Preissová (Czech Republic).

These clips will be subtitled in 24 languages and will later be featured on ARTE TV as the opening videos for its online programming, from mid-April until 6 May, thus boosting the reach of the award among European audiences.

All of the information about the upcoming screenings of the three finalists can be found at luxaward.eu