The LUX Audience Week is ready to kick off

The 2021 LUX Audience Award continues its European tour, which will include several virtual screenings and a live Q&A with the directors of the three nominated films

Over the last few weeks, the three nominated titles of the 2021 LUX Audience Award, presented by the European Parliament and the European Film Academy, have been travelling across Europe under the umbrella of the LUX Film Days (see news). Another Round by Thomas Vinterberg, Collective by Alexander Nanau and Corpus Christi by Jan Komasa have been screened in multiple European countries at different online and physical events, some of them organized in collaboration with the European Parliament Liaison Offices.

One of the key moments of this year’s edition will be the LUX Audience Week (10-16 May), when the nominated films will be further promoted and made accessible in most European territories through the LUX Virtual Cinema (available on Festival Scope). The various challenges and restrictions imposed by the pandemic have forced the organizers to reformulate some of the activities initially planned during this period. Instead of three simultaneous screenings followed by live-streamed debates, there will be a live-Q&A on the LUX Audience Award's Facebook with Thomas Vinterberg, Alexander Nanau and Corpus Christi lead actor Bartosz Bielenia on Friday 14 May, moderated by Cineuropa editor-in-chief Domenico La Porta. A physical format will be explored in some countries if the situation allows.

After presenting a video campaign featuring different politicians and film personalities sharing their passion for European cinema (see news), which will be screened on ARTE TV from 26 April, the LUX Audience Award plans to continue engaging with cultural influencers throughout the Member States, inviting them to follow the LUX Audience Week and encourage people to take part in the voting process. Until 23 May, the European public can vote for their favourite films by ranking them on a scale from one to five stars, representing 50 per cent of the total vote. The other half will come from the votes cast by the Member of the European Parliament, where the voting process is also in progress.

As previously announced, the winning film is expected to be unveiled at the LUX Award Ceremony on 9 June 2021, during a plenary sitting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. President of the European Parliament David-Maria Sassoli will present the award to the laureate in front of the MEPs, invited partners and representatives from the other nominated films