Why the LUX Audience Award?

'LUX - The European Audience Film Award (short: LUX Audience Award)' by the European Parliament and the European Film Academy demonstrates the European Parliament’s commitment to culture. The initiative promotes cultural diversity and provides tangible support to cinema and the arts.

The LUX Audience Award is built on the former LUX Prize, the film prize of the European Parliament established in 2007, and on the European Film Academy's People’s Choice Award, introduced in 1997. The nominated films raise awareness about current social and political issues, engage audiences in debates about Europe in a way that really speaks to them and they reflect the beauty and diversity of European cinema.

The award continues to build cultural bridges across Europe by shedding light on films that go to the heart of the European public debate.
The award aims to strengthen ties between politics and citizens, by inviting European audiences to become active protagonists and cast their vote for their favourite films. The aim is to get audiences engaged in debates about Europe, specifically in ‘a living Europe’ through inspiring European films.

Parliament believes that cinema, as a mass cultural medium, is an ideal platform for debate and reflection on Europe and its future. And the European Film Academy, uniting over 3800 filmmakers across Europe, has been dedicated to promoting European film culture since it was founded in 1988.

While facing the current economic and social crisis, worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic, where arts, culture and cinema are very much under threat, the LUX Audience Award aims to support European creativity and diversity. Advocating for European cinema is a remedy to for overcomeing isolation, and breaking through the physical and psychological boundaries that affect Europe.

What happens next?

Films nominated for the LUX Audience Award’s second edition were publicly unveiled at the European Film Awards ceremony on 11 December 2021, in Berlin. While the LUX Audience Award will eventually feature five films, this year again, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will exceptionally feature three films.

The audience together with the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are invited to cast their votes online. The film receiving the highest overall ranking from the public and the MEPs, with each group having a weighting of 50%, will be the winner of the LUX Audience Award. The winner will be announced at the award ceremony in the European Parliament, taking place on Wednesday, 8 June 2022, during the plenary session in Strasbourg.

What does it offer?

The LUX Audience Award aims to become a quality indicator for backing European film productions.

The initiative gives the nominated films more visibility and helps them cross borders and reach a wider audience. It allows spectators from across the European Union to watch films that would perhaps not have been screened in their country.

The nominated films are subtitled in the 24 official EU languages and free screenings will be organised in every EU country during the watch & vote period, with film copies (DCPs) produced by the European Parliament, as part of the LUX Film Days in the spring.

The LUX Audience Week in May will include simultaneous screenings of the nominated films shown in numerous cities in the EU, followed by a Q&A with one or two representatives of the film (director, actor, etc.).

The LUX Audience Award winning film will be adapted for visually and hearing impaired audiences and promoted in EU countries.